About me

I am currently a Computer Science PhD student at Institute for Genomic Statistics and Bioinformatics at University of Bonn and under supervision of Prof. Peter Krawitz. I recieved bachelor and master degree in Computer Science at National Taiwan University. After my master, I worked at Garmin Corporation as a software engineer for almost two years.

I am interested in developing computational approaches to analyze patients in human genetics and currently working on project “Prioritization of Exome Data by Image Analysis” and “Gestalt Matcher” which is utilizing deep learning to analyze patient’s facial images to diagnose rare Mendelian disorders. My research falls in machine learning, bioinformatics and genetics.

Key research projects

  • Facial diagnosis framework for rare disorders – Accepted by Nature Genetics. We proposed a novel framework to overcome the limitations of diagnosing ultra-rare disorders.
  • Online Medical Images Database (https://gestaltmatcher.gene-talk.de) – Led two engineers and nine clinicians to design the first public dysmorphic images platform for deep learning purposes and learning materials for genetic clinicians.
  • Variants prioritization software by facial image – We published the first algorithm that utilizes facial images to prioritize exome variants. I led four members to build and launch this diagnostic software in the Human Genetics department at the University Hospital of Bonn.